Este blog es el instrumento de comunicación para todos los participantes en el Programa de Aprendizaje Permanente (P.A.P.) Comenius. Se trata de una asociación multilateral entre tres países: Turquía, Grecia y España. Nuestros centros educativos van a trabajar temas relacionados con la historia, las tradiciones, la religión, el ciclo festivo, etc. Y nuestro principal objetivo es estrechar los lazos que unen a estas tres culturas mediterráneas.

This blog is a communication tool for every participant in the Comenius Lifelong Learning Programme (L.L.P.). It is a multilateral association of schools in these three countries: Turkey, Greece and Spain. We are going to deal with subjects such as History, Traditions, Religion, The Festive Cycle, etc. And our main objective is to approach the similarities which these three Mediterranean cultures have.

jueves, 5 de junio de 2008


The moor party “Huestes del Cadí” are a group of 900 people. The last day in each year festivity they meet to be taken “a family photo” as remembrance. Satur, the English teacher in the Comenius project, is a member of the group, as well as her family. Maybe you can distinguish her face among the rest. The first photo is “the family photo 2007”at Saint Ann’s church main entrance.

At 8:00 a.m. the groups take part in a parade called “Diana” in which they march silently listening to some of the pieces at the music box enjoying the solemnity of the still sleeping town.
Satur’s son and daughter (Adrian and Paula) were the infant leaders in the 2007 celebration. They marched on horseback preceding their group in the parade. The dresses and make-up were specially designed and made for them.
Also you can see Manolo, our Vicedirector, and Satur, our Direction Accountant and English teacher, wearing the traditional moor costumes of each of their groups.

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