Este blog es el instrumento de comunicación para todos los participantes en el Programa de Aprendizaje Permanente (P.A.P.) Comenius. Se trata de una asociación multilateral entre tres países: Turquía, Grecia y España. Nuestros centros educativos van a trabajar temas relacionados con la historia, las tradiciones, la religión, el ciclo festivo, etc. Y nuestro principal objetivo es estrechar los lazos que unen a estas tres culturas mediterráneas.

This blog is a communication tool for every participant in the Comenius Lifelong Learning Programme (L.L.P.). It is a multilateral association of schools in these three countries: Turkey, Greece and Spain. We are going to deal with subjects such as History, Traditions, Religion, The Festive Cycle, etc. And our main objective is to approach the similarities which these three Mediterranean cultures have.

viernes, 22 de febrero de 2008

Our Project Meetings (1)

Our Net of Tolerance is as the Comenius Agency describes, a Lifelong Learning Programme. It consists of a series of scheduled activities to be done about an agreed number of topics during the two years it lasts, together with at least other two schools as partners, after a previous long and quite complicated application in which there are also some surveys, questionnaires and forms to complete.

If you consider it exactly in the way it is regulated, you may feel it is the kind of impersonal burocratic project that can be done from your office without any personal involvement. But fortunately, in our case at least, this consideration has nothing to do with the real thing.

It is true that the application period was very tough and its preparation was done by only two people who endured it in the best posible way – Ana, our so skilful headmaster, and proficient Jesús, in our case -. Later, came the months in which the people involved were expectant of acceptation, and when that moment arrived, the whole machinery started to work.

At the Monastil High School we created a Comenius Comission at the applying stage which included some of our teachers. And from last autumn - when we got the acceptance from the Educational Authorities - we began to display all the kept energy we had been accumulating from the source of the idea. We divided in different groups. As a first step, the Classical Language and Culture Department devotedly organized our Second Archaeological Exposition which, apart from ancient pieces, included animation, a performance and lots of different activities for the students in all our local schools. It was just the start of other tasks of different kinds done by our pupils inside the classroom in several subjects which have of course been displayed in exhibitions in our hall, corridors or library and sent to our partners in Greece and Turkey as well as introduced in this blog once it was created.

So far, it seems that the project is one sided, each school working in its own. How untrue! I have not mentioned the meetings yet. There have already been two and, no matter they are short in time, they are so intense and so unifying that one has the feeling that we are friends of a lifetime and each one`s school is the other two parties’ real home, too.

The first meeting took place here in Elda, last year in November. It was the first time we met those who came, full of presents and good expectations. We had been preparing for the occasion for a whole month and were ignorant of the kind of assistance they could need as it was a new thing for us all. We had never previously had such an experience. We did the best we could and we sincerely hope our partners enjoyed their time. Sometimes after that first meeting, we have thought that those days were too tiring for us and must then, of course, have been even more so for our counterparts. Sorry for that!
Satur Rueda

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