Este blog es el instrumento de comunicación para todos los participantes en el Programa de Aprendizaje Permanente (P.A.P.) Comenius. Se trata de una asociación multilateral entre tres países: Turquía, Grecia y España. Nuestros centros educativos van a trabajar temas relacionados con la historia, las tradiciones, la religión, el ciclo festivo, etc. Y nuestro principal objetivo es estrechar los lazos que unen a estas tres culturas mediterráneas.

This blog is a communication tool for every participant in the Comenius Lifelong Learning Programme (L.L.P.). It is a multilateral association of schools in these three countries: Turkey, Greece and Spain. We are going to deal with subjects such as History, Traditions, Religion, The Festive Cycle, etc. And our main objective is to approach the similarities which these three Mediterranean cultures have.

jueves, 27 de marzo de 2008

AtatüRk V[1]

From: guest8d0e1f, 27 minutes ago

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Sometimes we don`t realize that in the first part of the 20th century there were very liberal people, I mean, with a more open minded attitude towards social matters that most of us now have.

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It says Turkish women are open minded they are bold, and wıth theır husbands they go everywhere. They deserve nıce thıngs and be respected by theır men. Atatürk has given importance to the Turkish women. He says the should go to school and learn more about the world. In the past Turkısh women could not speak in public. Men had not been listening to their not only wives but also theır daughtersand sısters. But agaın ıt ıs not because of the relıgıon also. Sometıng tradıtıonal. Stıll we can see these kınds of thıngs ın the east of our country, uneducated people behaves lıke thıs. Fınally Atatürk praises Turkish ladies with hıs words ın the pps. The first pilot is hıs daughter Sabıha Gökçen. The tıtle ıs 'Atatürk and the republıc woman'.